April 01, 2010

Tagged: Fill in the Blanks

Rebecca from Rebecca Knight: Writer in Progress recently tagged me. I had to complete the following sentences:

I like
hot chocolate.

I like Sterling Knight.

I like Taylor Lautner.

I like Sterling Knight and Taylor Lautner. (Okay, I'm cheating here.)

I like watching fantasy flicks.

I like putting a book down with a really goofy I-just-read-an-amazing-book grin on my face.

I like reading blog posts from other writers. Their take on different aspects of the craft are always interesting.

I like blogs with outfit posts.

I like staying up late and reading Scott Westerfeld novels.

I like playing with my dog Ice.

I like walking on cracks just to prove I won't break my mother's back. (I'm kind of crazy that way)

I like doodling on my notebooks while pretending to listen to my teachers.

I love John Hughes' movies, and colorful shirts.

Today was a relaxing day spent reading The Secret Hour.

I hate snooty people who think they're always right.

I hate Jamie Kennedy. I don't know why. I just find him really, really annoying.

I hate rainy days with nothing good to read.

I hate mullets.

I hate being interrupted while reading a really, really good book.

I hate people who judge someone before they get to know them.

I hate giving speeches in front of people.

I hate chores. Yeah.

I (secretly) like Avril Lavigne's songs. They're so catchy. Don't tell anyone.

I love being swallowed up in the world of my current work-in-progress.

According to the rules, I have tag three people. So, I'm tagging you, you, and you. Hahahaha.


Rebecca Knight said...

Okay... I have to confess. I, too, like Avril! Eeek! (runs and hides)

Also, your dog has an awesome name :). Reminds me of American Gladiators.

Swimmer said...

Hay!! I love Avril Lavine!! Anyway you know what I hate when my friends inturrupt me at school when I'm reading a good book just to say I read to much!! It is sooooo annoying!

kanishk said...

me too I love Avril Lavine!!
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