June 07, 2011

I give writing advice... Yes, really, I do.

I was recently invited to post on a Facebook group for tagalog romance writers/readers/lovers in general. Here's what I said:

There are so many veteran writers in this group who have really made a huge impact on the romance writing industry, and I'm technically still a newbie, so I'm a little shy about posting tips or advice. At the moment, though, my only advice is to be yourself. I think we've all gone through phases where we tried to imitate writers we loved, and that’s awesome practice for beginners. For me, however, the best way to truly make a name in the writing industry, aside from persevering, is to hone your own writing voice, to create your own “brand.” When you sound original on paper and a reader falls in love with your words, you’re the only one who can provide that special flavor. That’s all I can think of for now.

I just can't believe someone asked for writing advice. FROM ME. *Starts jumping up and down.* This feeling almost beats the first time I saw His Secondhand Heart at National Bookstore. Cripes, I feel like a real writer now.

I feel like I'm really getting back into the swings of things writing-wise. I listened to some new songs and read a really good book. Nothing like that "just read a good book" feeling to get the creative juices flowing.
June 02, 2011

Reel Love (2011)

Reel Love

Camryn Morrell

Si Grace Hernandez ang klase ng babae na nililigawan nang matagal at pinapakasalan. Siya naman, si Dave Silverio ay ni hindi marunong manligaw. She deserved someone normal. Isang lalaki na may ordinaryong trabaho sa isang opisina o sa kung saan; iyong simple lang. At malayo sa deskripsyong iyon ang buhay niya bilang isang sikat na matinee idol. Kaya kahit baligtarin pa niya ang mundo, hindi magiging siya ang lalaking iyon.

Pero si Grace ang gumaganap sa role ng girlfriend niya sa harap ng publiko. At mas nahihirapan na yata si Dave dahil masyado siyang nadadala sa play-acting nila, na ayaw na niyang isipin kung ano ang tunay na sila kapag wala nang camera na nakasunod sa kanila....


This novel is dedicated to my USA Publications family. I only spent a year with you guys, but it has been one of the most wonderful years of my life.

Extra Info

  • The original title was supposed to be His Saving Grace, but I like Reel Love more. It's more fitting for the premise.
  • I choose a "theme song" for every novel I write, and Reel Love's theme song is Smile by Uncle Kracker. I couldn't stop listening to the song while writing.