June 07, 2011

I give writing advice... Yes, really, I do.

I was recently invited to post on a Facebook group for tagalog romance writers/readers/lovers in general. Here's what I said:

There are so many veteran writers in this group who have really made a huge impact on the romance writing industry, and I'm technically still a newbie, so I'm a little shy about posting tips or advice. At the moment, though, my only advice is to be yourself. I think we've all gone through phases where we tried to imitate writers we loved, and that’s awesome practice for beginners. For me, however, the best way to truly make a name in the writing industry, aside from persevering, is to hone your own writing voice, to create your own “brand.” When you sound original on paper and a reader falls in love with your words, you’re the only one who can provide that special flavor. That’s all I can think of for now.

I just can't believe someone asked for writing advice. FROM ME. *Starts jumping up and down.* This feeling almost beats the first time I saw His Secondhand Heart at National Bookstore. Cripes, I feel like a real writer now.

I feel like I'm really getting back into the swings of things writing-wise. I listened to some new songs and read a really good book. Nothing like that "just read a good book" feeling to get the creative juices flowing.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you po sa advice ;) hihihihi
i really wanna write hehehe
anyways, nabasa kopo ung Reel Love superr ganda :)