I love the covers of my books. Really. It's just that the people on the covers are kind of different from the way I imagined my characters. Unfortunately, I discovered too late that authors can send "character" photos for book covers, and Bookware Publishing actually uses the said photos.

So, this page was born. Basically, I'm going to post pictures of actors and actresses who fit my own image of my characters.

His Secondhand Heart

Devin Legaspi
For me, Diether Ocampo is perfect as Devin. He's handsome, but he doesn't take himself too seriously--just like Devin.

Vivienne Leandro
I know Rachel Bilson is Caucasian, and Vivienne is supposed to be a Filipina. However, I can't think of any other petite actress who can be silly without looking stupid.

Save Forever for Me

Warren Alcantara
Alfred Vargas. Hands down. I kept thinking of him while writing Save Forever for Me, and he's perfect as Warren.

Lia Olivares
For me, no other actress can pull off maarte/sosyal roles like Anne Curtis. That, my friends, is the reason why I think she's perfect as Lia.

Reel Love

Dave Silverio
When I think of a matinee idol who's very confident and can make females everywhere scream, Richard Gutierrez is the first person who comes into my mind. I kept picturing him as Dave, while writing Reel Love.

Grace Hernandez
I know Zooey Deschanel isn't a Filipina, but I absolutely loved her in 500 Days of Summer. She's kind of quirky, just like Grace.