November 08, 2010

NANO 2010 Update #1

I'm still working on my romance novel which is tentatively titled Keeping the Distance. I might post it on FictionPress after (if?!?) I finish it, so you guys can read it for free if you have the time.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to write even a single page today, because I'm too tired. I spent the whole day at school, trying to enroll for the second semester--it's my last year in college. I spent three hours standing in line, and I still have to go back tomorrow. *Sighs.*

Here's my current word count:

18877 / 50000 words. 38% done!

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Erynn Anne said...

Sumali ka rin pala sa NaNo! Nag-pass ako this year kasi patayan sa trabaho. Hindi na talaga keri ng powers ang sumabak pa sa araw-araw na sulatan gayong pagsusulat din ang full time work ko.

Good luck on your novel & I hope you wing it! :D