March 02, 2010

The Write Way

I want to write about writing, but I really don't know where to start. What can I say that hasn't been said by a thousand more gifted writers before me?

I guess I should start at the beginning. I started writing when I was in the third grade. I wrote in a ton of notebooks I bought from the school bookstore. Most of my stories were based on fairy tales. I tried combining some of them, writing something between short stories and novels. I never finished any though. I also started writing in a diary around that time. I used to write stupid details about my day, like how I noticed my crush was eating a grape-flavored Popsicle. My 3rd grade diary is a pretty funny read. For me, at least.

I also read anything I could get my hands on. I started with the Nancy Drew series and moved on to the Hardy Boys. When I reached the fourth grade, I discovered Beverly Clearly and fell in love with her books. Dear, Mr. Henshaw became my favorite. It's about a boy whose parents just got divorced (my parents were getting divorced around the time I discovered the book), and writing helped him cope. It really helped me understand that sometimes two people aren't meant to be together. We can't force them even if they're our parents.

So, this entry has been really interesting for me. It made me think of how I was as a child, and the things I experienced. I mean, every single thing I thought and went through helped shape who I am today.

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Carolina Valdez Miller said...

You know, I think so many of us start the same way, wandering. We feel the pull to read, then to write, and we wonder if we're the only ones, and yet it doesn't matter because writing sustains. Eventually, we learn there are rules, and then we learn we can break them, and then we realize that there are many like us, all of us venturing out of our individual writing caves, seeking a place not of conformity but of communion--this has been the most inspiring thing about writing: the writer's community. So welcome.

Everything has been said, but nothing has been written in the same way you will write it.

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