October 03, 2010

Male Feelings

(technically Alex Pettyfer has nothing to do with this post, but...)

I was blog hopping last night, and I came across a guest post on Fiction Groupie’s blog about writing from a male point-of-view. The post was mainly about tackling a teenage boy’s point-of-view, but a lot of the points it made could be applied to adult male points-of-view as well.

Here’s the link to the post entitled Creating an Authentic Teen Guy’s Voice.

The post made me think of a lot of things. In my published novels, His Secondhand Heart and Save Forever for Me, and the other two lined up for publication, the story was told from the points-of-view of both the hero and the heroine. I’ve come to realize that my male main characters tend to overanalyze things, and actually talked about their feelings. *Insert shudder here.*

I hope to rectify that mistake in my next manuscript, and create an authentic guy’s voice. As much as I hate to admit it, guys don't overanalyze their feelings. They prefer action, and avoid talking about feelings as much as possible. They want to talk about what they think, not what they feel.

Now I'm off to interview unsuspecting guy friends about their relationships.



Anonymous said...

hi camryn! ako rin mahilig magsulat sa POV ng guy^_^, ang saya kasi nilang paglaruan di ba? haha. i agree, generally siguro, hindi mahilig mag-overanalyze ang mga male species, hehe, at hindi rin madalas magsalita o kahit nga ma-isip ng sobra tungkol sa feelings nila. pero sa tingin ko, hindi naman lahat ganoon. si nicholas sparks nga di ba, very emotional kung magsulat, and he's usually using the male's POV. siguro, it still depends pa rin sa characterization ng male lead.

pero masaya talaga magsulat sa POV ng lalaki, nakakatuwang paglaruan ang minds nila, hehe ^_^


Camryn said...

Pasenxa po at ngayon lang ako nakapag-reply, Ms. Ella. Hindi po kasi ako na-notify. :(

I completely agree. Exciting ngang magsulat ng male point-of-view. Karamihan kasi sa mga male characters ko nag-o-overanalyze ng feelings nila. LOL.