July 08, 2014

Submitting Manuscript # 5

Things haven't changed that much, after all.

I thought I would be cool and oh-so-grown-up about this--ready to sit back, relax and deal with whatever's ahead.

Instead, after three years and four published books, I'm still nervous about submitting my latest manuscript. The fear of being rejected still hasn't gone away.

I finished writing and revising the whole thing last week. It's tentatively titled Me and Mr. Right Now, and I hope to God it gets accepted.

Right now, however, I just keep telling myself that at least I finally finished something. After four long years. No matter what happens, that's something to be proud of. I like the characters, and I completely enjoyed making their lives hell.

Cross your fingers for me, okay?


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed! :)

-a fellow writer in the global village

Camryn said...

@Anonymous: Thank you for the lovely comment! Unfortunately, it was rejected, but I submitted another manuscript the very next day. LOL. Thanks for stopping by. :)